Box TOT iptv.

tot iptv
TOTiptv is available for viewing TV via broadband TOT equipment MeTV Set Top Box Set-Top Box TV that can turn ordinary TV into a smart TV is compatible with high-speed Internet TOT from 6. MB up.

Box MeTV Set Top Box can be connected to the TV and an HDMI cable for TV, flat panel (Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, SMART TV) and cable AV components out for the TV screen version. , Which will replace the old TV to a razor sharp level HD.

And get on the list of top domestic and international channels and over 140 HD channels than clarity.
32 channel that serves your home. And quality films selected to switch you over 400 current month.
You enjoy both audio and video. With the viewing range. Supports all TV channels to watch the computer pad.
IPhone and function to watch your back for up to 72 hours you will be able to watch it back at any time you will not miss your favorite anymore … With Time Shift Program.

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