CTH  was founded in August 2552 by the cable television from around the country more than 100 to a source of content for the entertainment of the rights and quality. high range together in a single platform. To disseminate to its members various operators.

CTH is a provider of managed communication channels via fiber-optic cable network. Offered a variety of products and services. Associated with digital signal processing, such as cable TV, broadband internet and the freedom to choose. To accommodate the needs of individual customers and business customers. Under implementation in the form of Single Network, Single Platform and Single Brand.

CTH’s current membership is over 2.5 million households nationwide audience. The CTH is a pay-TV channel with the most viewers in the country. Based on such information.

Allow the company to accelerate the development of channels and content are fully able to meet the entertainment needs of consumers across all target groups. The quality of picture and sound even better match global standards. To audiences across the country have been satisfied.

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