Satellite TV in Thailand

Ku-band system is that we see a plate of TRUE DTV IPM That is a little flat, solid plate size 60-75 cm, but the system was sent to Thai television encrypted. Similar view that is not free. Only need to use it only to see it.
The average price for the Thai TV series is about 1900-2900 baht depending on the quality of the receiver. And items that add up.

The advantages of this system is a plate with a small easy to install.
Disadvantage is that there is a problem when heavy rain or very cloudy, sometimes might not see.

System C-band dish to receive this signal. A large plate with both opaque and transparent. His deep pan like a size from 5-10 feet, will focus on the current 90% to satellite TV because Thaicom5 Thai sending spacecraft.
The average price for the TV set the size of Thailand 5-6 feet in popular sizes. It is about 1450-2400 baht per set depending on the size and quality of the receiver plate.

The advantages of this system is the number of channels will be free to see more And there is no problem when rain
Disadvantage is the large plate.

That when the two systems is the same Thai TV. I have to look at the difference between TV channels than 6 channels of Thailand that we should decide what and how well the system.

Looking at Ku-band system that plate SAMART UBC DTV IPM and what difference do.

UBC TRUE VISION, or would not have to explain a lot. Because most of them are known to view the What. And how to pay. Here we will not be discussed in detail, I offline.

Thai TV is a DTV set for cheap. Reception Thaicom 5 using small yellow plates 60 cm to the receiver (Receiver) decoder in a sample. That it can accept Thai TV 6-channel channel movie music documentaries over 30 channels plus the channels looking for free is already 22 channels including channels for education 15 channel, ETV, MONEY, DMC, TVTV, TGN, channels parliament is the series This DTV can receive as many channels to 70 channels less expensive offline (1900 U.S. prices).

SAMART DTH is the Thai TV series using the same 75 cm dish reception Thaicom 5 look the same as DTV channels, but everything has to look up items for free for those who use the Samart particular The extra channels including Siam-Sport, T-Sport, the cafe Busaba various channels in the future may be changed as appropriate (price 2,250 Baht) ** Present discontinuation.

IPM is a dish in a standard orange size 60 cm satellite reception is set for Thai TV NSS6 same again. But with additional channels for about 70 more channels, which is now open to view for free for life. You can also watch ASTV channels which are already free to view offline (2050-2800 prices U.S.).

*** To see a list of each brand is encrypted. Require receivers of brands that you can get a signal. The list sent to look for free. What is the use of time

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