After midnight on Friday, May 20 last. Thai television station PBS (Thai PBS) has ceased to be broadcast from a temporary office building. (Shinawatra Tower 3) and began broadcasting from a new office building. The club from a Bangkok police Laksi relocation broadcast aired without interruption items. Viewers can watch the station’s normal that Mr. Thepchai Yong, Director of Public Broadcasting Organization of Thailand Press a button to start broadcasting from its new office at 0:30 AM on May 21, 2554.

Thai PBS TV station in Thailand, the only free TV broadcast with HD (High Definition) along with SD (Standard Definition) viewing audience via satellite Can view the list with HD the audience that the antenna standard or cable TV will feel the change in quality of picture and sound better than the graphics on the screen Thai PBS. will be more robust. Including the adjustment of the scene news And the scene of the items. Modernize their distinctive and unique. Development of efficient production. And to broadcast in digital. This is to enhance the use of modern high technology to produce a list of stations according to the international level.

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