ASTV to broadcast on satellite again.

Television news reports from the advertisement (ASTV) stating that the station had stopped broadcasting satellite was broadcast only on the Internet from October 17 through Nov 2, however, from the onwards. Viewers will be able to watch satellite programming. The station is normal.

Television advertisement (ASTV) was established in 2546 as the first news station. The pioneering broadcast via satellite and the Internet. The audience, as well as the media to join the struggle for legitimacy with the people against the regime was more than seven years, and broadcast via satellite on that day it has been revealed of Mr Sonthi Lim reserved. Later it was ASTV. Formed by New Sky Satellite, FL Highlights (NewSkies Satellite) owns a NSS-6 satellite in the Netherlands. Be disconnected for reasons that ASTV that is a party are pending payment of rent channel for more than 6 months after the debt is approximately four hundred thousand dollars, or about 12 million contract before the NSS-6. signal will have been negotiated with a loan until the end of this year’s ASTV. Expenses that will occur monthly, it will pay every month.

For those who want to watch the ASTV can be viewed as normal, then the frequency: 11635, symbol rate: 27500 Polarisation: Horizontal or frequency near the 13 Siam tie the dish IPM be accessed through the old part of the dish PSI to watch. The channel 241.

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