Pokemon GO available in Thailand.


Pokemon GO was released so far only, some of the countries around the world at the. It is possible to play it still like, the United States, Australia, the free charge of iOS and Android based in New Zealand, has been available only in the user. For all the other countries are listed as “coming soon”.

By changing the area on each of the app store, download it, but was able to part of the user of Thailand, you can. Otherwise, you must wait until it is officially released here.

It is free to download the game, but the user by making the purchase of the app, you can improve their experience.

And, despite its popularity in other places, how it will remain that popularity can be seen that it will actually be in Thailand. Can you imagine chasing around the Bangkok of the city in the hot season in an attempt to catch a virtual Pokemon?

Then, again, it all of the shopping mall of the country is, people means that you become overrun to play the game!