Similan Islands in Phuket, Thailand.


Koh Similan is an island group in Andaman Sea. This island group is considered as the best island group because of the availability of such things that can not be found any place else in Phuket. Actually, the reason behind the popularity of Similan Islands in Phuket is the presence of Andaman Sea. The clean and clear water of Andaman Sea is nothing less than an attraction. You can spend an entire day sitting at the shores of this stunning sea.

However, this island group is also popular because you can find lots of things to do in here. Because of the availability of clear water, you can spend hours playing some amazing water sports. Snorkeling is a good idea to see some of the most amazing underwater wonders. Here, you will be able to see some unique organism which will really give you immense pleasure. Swimming and sailing can also be done at this group of islands.

Apart from getting indulged in different activities, you can also find lots of special places to see in this island group. For instance, you will never forget the sight of white coral-sand beaches as they are simply outstanding. Apart from some stunning locations, you can also find few other friends in here, like monkeys, bats, squirrels and lots of birds. Well, they may not be really friendly, but, it will still be a good experience watching them doing their thing. However, one thing is for sure that the best place to spend time in Similan Islands in Phuket is under the blue water.

A formal restaurant can also be found to fulfill your basic dining needs. All this is to imply that you can easily spend few days in her doing all of your favorite activities. SoFeature Articles, pack your bags and pay a visit to this terrific location.