Watch Thailand TV by TrueVisions Anywhere.

TrueVisions offers a service called “TrueVisions Anywhere” in order to offer more viewing outlets to its customers. TrueVisions’s customers can view their subscribed channels (but not all channels) on any mobile devices through this service by applying for an Anywhere account. Functions include 2 Hours Time-shift, 2 Days Catch-up, On-Demand, and Picture Quality. Many functions are still limited. At the moment, the service is offered for free for any TrueVisions’s customers; however, after the free period, customers have to pay a fee in order to use the service.

TrueVisions Anywhere release another level of watching TV. An application that you can enjoy entertainment anywhere, any time a True ID Sign-in with Facebook or via smart phones, smart devices and computers.

TrueVisions Anywhere comes with special functions to meet all of your lifestyle, such as the library, you get to watch programs. On demand Look back at the beginning of the second hour (2 Hours Time-Shift) menu list after two days (2 Days Catch-up) with the program to check the list prior to 30 days.

Extra! TrueVisions subscribers for the network TrueMove H watch channels on free package. Simply register with a smart card.

– Using an application must connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or TrueMove H 3G / 4G LTE.
– There may be additional charges from your telephone service provider.

The number of channels is subject to change without notice Outdoor.